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After a fire in your home, you need professional smoke damage repair and smoke odour removal. Know the facts.

Fire can devastate your home and cause irreversible damage to its contents, but after the fire has been extinguished, even areas of your home that were untouched by flames can be severely harmed by smoke, soot and ash. Professional soot and smoke damage repair and smoke odour removal is necessary to properly clean and restore your home to a healthy condition after a fire of any size.

Cleaning smoke, ash and soot is a time-sensitive procedure because these substances are acidic and will continue to corrode surfaces and materials in your home if not dealt with as soon as possible after a fire. It is crucial to act fast to reduce further damage and loss.

In addition, smoke, ash and soot particles remain airborne long after a fire is extinguished and continue to permeate your walls, surfaces and air ducts. This not only causes strong after-fire odour to remain in your home for weeks or even months, it also means you are breathing in the toxic particles.

Fire clean up and smoke odour removal requires professional know-how and specialized products and equipment to get the job done thoroughly and effectively. Our smoke damage technicians use advanced odour neutralizing techniques such as ozone and other proprietary treatments to effectively clean smoke and soot damage and remove smoke odour from your home, so you can breathe easy again.

At ServiceMaster Restore of Grande Prairie, we are fire restoration and smoke damage specialists. Our team of professionals have the expertise and commitment to customer service to handle even the toughest fire damage and smoke odour removal jobs quickly and effectively, so you can get your life back on track as soon as possible. And throughout the process, we strive to minimize disruptions, answer all your questions, and guide you every step of the way.

ServiceMaster Restore of Grande Prairie takes pride in Restoring Peace of Mind® by providing professional fire restoration, smoke and soot damage cleanup and smoke odour removal to homeowners. We work directly and collaboratively with our customers to provide outstanding results. We will guide you through the fire and smoke damage restoration process in your home, every step of the way. Day or night, we are available to take your call 24/7, every day of the year.

The experts at ServiceMaster Restore of Grande Prairie work to get the job done right and stay by your side until you are satisfied with the results.

When the unforeseen happens, call the smoke damage cleaning and smoke odour professionals at ServiceMaster Restore of Grande Prairie right away.


What can be salvaged after smoke damage to your home?

Time is always of the essence when it comes to smoke damage. In just a few minutes after a fire, smoke can discolour the walls in your home, and within a few hours finishes on kitchen appliances can also deteriorate. Metal surfaces also rust and corrode when smoke and soot particle are left too long. The longer you leave your smoke damaged home untreated, the more extensive the damage will become and the cost to repair or replace them will increase.

Depending on the extent of the damage and what materials items are made of, some of your property may not be salvageable. Replacement cost needs to be taken into consideration if repairing will cost more than replacement value. A smoke damage specialist can determine what items can be salvaged and what will need to be replaced.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are porous, therefore smoke and soot particles can easily permeate them. In the case of small fires, professional cleaning and deodorizing can bring hardwood floors back to new. In more extreme cases, however, it may be necessary to refinish the floors, or to replace them entirely if the damage is too extensive.


Using the wrong cleaning products can strip the stains and varnishes on wood furniture, and some will rust the metal components. So it is important to use the right cleaning agent for each material. A professional fire damage and smoke damage restoration company will have the resources and expertise to use the right products for the right materials.

Upholstery and Curtains

Smoke damage restoration specialists use special tools and techniques designed to remove smoke particles from upholstery and curtain materials. Remember: Trying to do the cleaning yourself can cause more damage by pushing smoke and soot particles even deeper into the material.

Clothing and Bedding

Clothing and bedding can become permeated with smoke odour even when inside closed closets or drawers. Simply washing them may be enough to remove the smell but specialized cleaning detergents used for smoke damage remediation may be required, depending on the severity of the odour.